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The SoDA community is built on an active, honest exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas. SoDA provides agency leaders with access to a powerful, global network for peer collaboration, leadership cultivation, industry best practices and business optimization.


Knowledge Exchange & Peer Groups

Join an exclusive global community of more than 300 agency founders, leaders and advisors across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Latin America.  Active and ongoing discussion threads, challenging debates, shared learning and a deep spirit of collaboration across nearly every aspect of the agency business: growth, operations, finance, innovation, talent, investments, partnerships, legal and much more. 


Global Summit & Industry Events

SoDA’s annual Global Summit is an event like none other in the industry. Based on a unique model of transparency, candor and peer knowledge exchange, our global member meeting is less of a conference and more of a leadership experience designed to accelerate professional connection, growth and inspiration. This event rotates annually and has been held in Amsterdam, Montreal, San Diego, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Miami Beach, Lisbon and Nashville (2019). In addition to the Global Summit, SoDA hosts local market events, member meet-ups and gatherings at key industry events such as SxSW, Cannes, CES, Advertising Week and more.


Benchmarking & Best Practices 

Access to exclusive benchmarking studies and analysis including our annual KPI Benchmarking Study, Salary & Compensation Study, Rate Card & Pricing Study, Global Digital Outlook Study and more. SoDA also curates and manages a library of best practices deliverables, contracts, agreements and more.


Thought Leadership & Publications

SoDA members actively contribute to a regular series of publications designed to amplify the impact of their thinking and their work. The SoDA Report is an industry trend publication that brings together thought leadership and case studies from some of the world's leading digital agencies and technology innovators, including primary research on global spending trends, adoption of emerging technology, perspectives on the future of digital and evolving priorities for both agency leaders and brand marketers. Our regular newsletters, webinar series and custom content reports provide additional avenues for SoDA members to publish and share their perspectives.  


:: Global Community

SoDA members are colleagues, collaborators, competitors and co-conspirators in the relentless pursuit of digital excellence. We believe that honesty, candor, courage, humility and generosity of spirit are just a few of the ingredients that make our global gatherings so lively, provocative, inspirational and fun.