:: Programs

The SoDA community is built on an active, honest exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas. SoDA provides agency leaders with access to a powerful, global network for peer collaboration, leadership cultivation, industry best practices and business optimization.



SoDA’s global community of agency founders, principals, leaders and advisors are connected through an online platform. Active and ongoing discussion threads, perspectives, debates and recommendations on nearly every aspect of the agency business: growth, operations, finance, innovation, talent, investment, partnerships, legal and much more. MEMBERS ONLY.



SoDA’s annual trends publication featuring thought leadership, interviews, perspectives and case studies from some of the world’s leading digital design, marketing, media and technology innovators along with findings from our Global Digital Outlook Study with Forrester Research. A public version of The SoDA Report is available with more in-depth data and analysis reserved for members.



SoDA’s annual Global Member Meeting is an event like none other in the industry. Based on a unique model of transparency, candor and peer knowledge exchange, our global summit is less of a conference and more of a leadership experience designed to accelerate professional connection, growth and inspiration. MEMBERS ONLY.


Webinar Series

SoDA hosts a regular series of webinars with members, outside experts, partners and advisors across four broad categories: Market Trends, Project Showcases, Operational Performance and Professional Practice. Sessions are designed for SoDA members and the community at large to share, discuss and debate best practices, key business challenges and inspiring new opportunities.


PEER GROUPS & Mentorship

SoDA manages peer groups for practice leaders in disciplines such as Operations, Technology, Design, Talent, Business Development and more. Groups communicate regularly to share methods, best practices, challenges and successes. SoDA also helps match individual members with 1:1 mentoring opportunities across the community. MEMBERS ONLY.



The SoDA Academy is a two-day, invitation-only learning event exclusively for practice leaders in the digital agency community striving to balance their dual roles as makers and managers. Attendees are carefully matched to one of ten discipline-related tracks and sessions are designed for peer-to-peer learning, knowledge sharing, best practices and accelerated professional growth.



SoDA conducts primary research and delivers an annual series of benchmarking data and analysis including our KPI Benchmarking Study, Salary Survey, Rate Card Survey and Global Digital Outlook Study. We also curate and house a library of best practice documents, deliverables, contracts, agreements and more. MEMBERS ONLY.



SoDA coordinates a member-based presence (and often speaking opportunities) at industry events such as SxSW, Cannes, Advertising Week, CES, FITC, Adobe MAX and many more. We also run an ad hoc series of local market member meet-ups and content programming. Some of our events are opened to the public.

:: Global Community

SoDA members are colleagues, collaborators, competitors and co-conspirators in the relentless pursuit of digital excellence. We believe that honesty, candor, courage, humility and generosity of spirit are just a few of the ingredients that make our global gatherings so lively, provocative, inspirational and fun.